Collecting the Class With Virtual Trading Cards


Grades 9-12

Created by Francis Roberson
Boise State University
EdTech 523
Spring Semester, 2011

Traditional face-to-face activity

In town the police officers use trading cards (like baseball or football) to hand out to the younger students to get them to recognize and know them. On one side is a picture of the police officer and on the other is some "vital statistics" like favorite food or movie. The kids all collect them and it is a fun way for the students to recognize and know who the police officers in town are.

Modified online version

Using the same concept as above, the students can "collect" each other.


Untitled Presentation
  1. Using Power point, Keynote, or Google presentations the students will pick the slide layout where they will have a picture on the left, a description on the right and their name on top.
  2. Students will be assigned the task of picking a picture or photo representation of themselves to use as the "card front".
  3. Students will then create a "vital statistics" area next to their picture. vcard.png
The description would include:
  • Age:
  • Where from:
  • Reason for taking the class:
  • Favorite Subject in School:
They will need to save it to be able to distribute enough for each member of the class and one for themselves. Once class begins and students have time to introduce themselves a little, the trading begins. They will have to read each others biography that will be posted online, like in this class, and find one thing in common. When they make the connection, they are to "trade" cards. Each student is to then take the collection of "cards" and create a bulletin board or some type to show to the rest of the class. The individual who creates their board or collection and is deemed most creative by online anonymous voting will win. (maybe gets to be the first coordinator for a project of something). Students can also make a slide presentation with music if they would like to extend this activity.

Asynchronous or synchronous

I believe that this could be used for both. If the students are online together they can transfer their information over. If they are not online together they can send attachments to each other when they get around to the assignment.