Location, Location, Location


Grade 3-12 Any Subject

Created by Laurens Koonce
Boise State University
EdTech 523
Spring Semester, 2011

Traditional face-to-face activity

Original Icebreaker found on ResidentAssistant.com

Modified online version

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Each group member is from a different geographic location, but together they will form a map. Once a map has been established by the group, each group member will stand where he/she thinks they belong to make the map as close to scale as possible.

Teacher will create a Bing maps account and place a pin for where you live. If the teacher has a website the map can be placed in the website (Bing gives you the code to do this and students can then visit the teacher site and update it from there) list three things about yourself and a current picture. Send the link to all students inviting them to collaborate on the map. Students will place a “pin” at the location to where they are currently living. Students will place a digital picture of themselves, and list at least three things about themselves. This lesson is asynchronous. http://www.bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=39.399589538000015~-84.56114959700001&lvl=4&dir=0&sty=r&cid=E12450AAC30E32C0!114

Adaptation for synchronous lesson the teacher can hang a large world map and give everyone a pushpin. As they enter the classroom, they pin the location of their birth on the map. Teacher then leads a discussion about where in the world. Possible questions for discussion.

o Where do your grandparents live?
o Where does your father's father live?
o Where does your mother's mother live?
o Can you think of examples of countries that have different cultural values regarding the importance of family?
o Where is the best place to raise a family?
o If you were offered an excellent job opportunity abroad, would you consider leaving your family for an indefinite period of time?
o Describe a typical family unit and the importance of family in your country.


This lesson is asynchronous, with an adaptation for a synchronous lesson.