Favorite 5

Grade K-5

image from www.clipart.com

Created by Heather Mitchem
Boise State University
EdTech 523
Spring Semester, 2011

Traditional face-to-face activity

Students will write down their 5 favorite things from the list on the board: favorite subject, television show, singer, movie, holiday. I don’t always use the same list. I change the list every year. Students write down their answers and share with others at their table and then find 2 other classmates and share their favorite 5

Modified online version

In a discussion forum, the instructor would create the topic, Favorite 5, asking students to write down their favorites (list chosen by instructor). Responding to the topic, each member would reply with a post of their Favorite 5. After posting their favorites, each students responds to at least 2 others finding similarities between their answers.


This activity could be used with both learning environments. In a synchronous learning environment, students have time to think and write down their answers. In an asynchronous learning environment, students can breakout into groups and answer the questions, or use wallwisher and write their answers on the web page.