Title: Fantastic 4

image from www.clipart.com

Created by Helena Lee
Boise State University
EdTech 523
Spring Semester, 2011

Grade 2-8

Traditional version of the ice breaker
The traditional version of this ice breaker is called Friendly Interview. I’ve found the template from http://www.teachervision.fen.com/icebreaker/resource/6063.html. This activity is designed for grade level 2-4. Students will pair up, ask a list of questions provided, and draw a picture of each other at the bottom.

Transformed version for the online use
· Grade: 2-8th online/virtual school students
· Learning environment: fully online (adaptation for blended is provided)
· Interaction: Synchronous (adaptation for asynchronous is provided)
· System requirement: DSL or Cable internet connection, access to the Adobe Connect room provided by the virtual school, and a webcam
1. The instructor will divide the class into groups of 4.
2. Each group member will be given a number. All the members will log in at the same time. Member 1 will interview member 2; Member 2 will interview member 3 and so on.
3. Students will be allowed to have some extra chatting time with proper netiquettes in mind. Overall, 25 minutes per group should be sufficient.
4. Each member of the group is to post the answers to the interview questions on the Wiki page called “News Flash”. For extra credits, they may create and post a link of an online poster using Glogster or Wallwisher page of the interviewee.
Blended: This activity can be adapted easily in a blended learning environment. Interviews can be conducted in the classroom as all 4 members are sitting together. Students in a blended classroom will be required to create a Wiki page, Glogster, or Wallwisher page of the interviewee.

Asynchronous: If partial synchronization is possible, the reporter and the interviewee can have a video conference in the Adobe Connect room and record it for the rest of the group to see. If it needs to be completely asynchronous, the interviewee may fill out his/her portion of the questionnaire and email it to the reporter.

a) Access: if the school can’t provide an access to Adobe Connect, Member 1 will call the members 2,3, and 4 using the “Call Group” button via Skype but this will be a phone conference without the video ( Instruction on using //Call Group// button: ) Skype offers a video conference call but charges for it ( Monthly and daily pass available).
b) Age: 2-4th students will most likely need some kind of parental assistance.