Famous Quote and Image

Grade 3-12


´╗┐image from www.clipart.com

Created by Ginny Cronin
Boise State University
EdTech 523
Spring Semester, 2011

Traditional face-to-face activity

Students each choose an image and a favorite quote. They create an artistic page with these items and post them around the classroom. When all the pages have been pasted, the students walk around the room and comment on at least three classmate's pages regarding shared interests.

Modified online version

In a discussion forum, Google Doc, or Edmodo, the instructor creates a location where the students can post their quotes and images. The instructor requires each student to post his/her information. After all the students have posted their information, students should be instructed to comment on the postings of three other students, mentioning things they have in common. For the safety of the students, the sites from which students can choose their quotes or images ought to be selected and limited. Alternatively, the teacher could create a folder with a selection of images and quotes. This might be especially important for very young students.

The following sites are recommended for quotes:

The following sites are recommended for images:
http://www.clipart.com (free with watermark...or purchase an inexpensive short term subscription)


This activity works in both a synchronous and asynchronous environment. If used in a synchronous envrinment, the use of a whiteboard for posting and commenting might be advisable. If the white board is used, the teacher might need to break the class into subgroups for this activity. If conducting this activity in an asynchronous environment, it would be important to require the information posting by all students by a particular date. A second date could be set up as the first date for commenting. In this way, every student would get to see the work of every other student, rather than the early responders only responding to each other.